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How to use Endoca CBD oil drops

How to use Endoca CBD oil drops

Endoca cbd oils dosage is explained in the video below. For information on the dosage of all the various Endoca CBD oil products you can visit their youtube channel:

Endoca cbd oils dosage is explained in the diagram below

endoca dosage chart
Endoca cbd oils dosage instructions
cbd oil application
How to use cbd hemp oil drops

Open the Endoca cbd oil bottle, squeeze the bulb with your thumb and index finger. This gives you proper control for delivery of the cbd oil drops. Place the required number of drops under the tongue and hold for 1 minute before swallowing. It is recommended by Endoca that you use CBD Hemp oil drops as any other food supplement and to take them 3 times per day before meals.



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About Endoca CBD Oil

Endoca hemp oil drops 3%

About Endoca CBD oil producers.

Endoca produce many of the CBD oil products that we sell here at and they are a leading in light in the CBD hemp industry with their dedication to quality, research and the development of innovative products.

Here is what Endoca have to say about their approach to CBD oil.

About Endoca:

At Endoca™ our primary focus is to research and develop innovative Hemp extracts and to make them accessible world-wide. We are dedicated to producing the finest and purest quality CBD oil while never compromising on quality. Our primary goal is to develop different high quality Hemp extracts with broad profile of cannabinoids and other natural molecules found in Hemp and to identify their distinct properties.

History of the cbd oil extracts:

Henry Vincenty, the founder of Endoca™, travels around the world identifying the most effective medicinal plants available. After years of studying and travelling, Henry discovered many ways hemp plant can be used as native, holistic, and natural medicine. Using his training in science, he carefully systematized this knowledge, to develop Endoca™ cbd oil extracts out of the Hemp plant. Henry Vincenty`s family has a long-standing tradition and passion of growing and cultivating the finest hemp in the world.

Hemp or industrial Hemp is a commonly used term for cannabis plant strains that contain very low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol acid (THCa) and are used for its fiber and seeds. Cannabis use was identified in ancient villages from over 10.000 years ago in asia placing it as one of the first humanly cultivated plants.

Endoca vision , CBD hemp oil opens to a new consciousness.

At Endoca, our goal is to show the world that we don’t need to continue poisoning ourselves and our environment in order to survive.

The plants from which our CBD hemp oils are derived are grown using strict organic principles and our extraction process is achieved through using clean CO2 extraction methods. No chemicals or solvents is used in our production process. Your health and the health of our environment are our first priority. Our quest for purity doesn’t stop in our CBD hemp oils.

We are in the stage of developing our own packaging by using the fibres from our hemp plants so that we don’t have to use paper that is produced using polluting industrial processes or worse still, plastics. Even the dyes and inks we use will be produced from natural ingredients!

Our next big step will be the use of hemp seed oil to run our tractors and the use solar energy as a sustainable source of electricity for our facility. We want to prove that 100% sustainable practices work and we want you to join us in our quest to make the world a healthy place.

The Endoca Village

Our vision includes the establishment of a village that’s 100% sustainable and independent –a place where organic food is grown and everything we need is produced in the village. We’ll go further than just being ‘organic’ – real permaculture principles will be implemented to ensure maximum sustainability.

In addition from being our home, the village will be a place where everybody can come and learn about the lifestyle changes that will allow them to live naturally and bring their bodies into a state of healing equilibrium that allows for maximum wellness. We believe that this is

the way to find true healing from any disease. As for the profits we will generate, these will be applied to help children and the poor. We will build houses from hemp where needy families can live without having to pay any rental – and we’ll provide work for them on our project growing food and building even more sustainable houses.

We hope to found an orphanage where children will receive a decent education and proper care while learning how to live a sustainable lifestyle. All our profits are being poured into realizing this vision, and real results can be seen already.